Preparing your home for sale!

1. Tidy the garden and mow the lawns as the garden is the first thing that the buyers will see. Make a good first impression.

2. If you have carpets, it is a good idea to have them cleaned as they look much better after a clean and have more life in them.

3. Give the walls a makeover as small marks, stains and hand prints will be noticeable by the buyer. Either a wipe over a coat of paint will do the trick.

4. Declutter the garage and shed. This may be a on the buyers top 3 and having hordes of unwanted items in there is not an advisable look.

5. Give the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry a good polish and clean as these are areas that buyers will always pay attention to.

6. Open windows to let some air in and make your home feel fresh. Also open blinds and curtains so as much light as possible comes through.

7. Check the outside of your home for obvious signs such as leaves in the gutters, stains or plaster/brick damage. Make sure that all of the cobwebs and insect homes have been brushed away!

8. Set the scene. Fresh flowers, candles, a fresh fruit bowl, and maybe fresh uncut bread on a breadboard with some dips.